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10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool to engage customers and make sure you get noticed. Marketing automation has been proven to deliver great results. According to Campaign Monitor with Marketing Automation you will see 320% more revenue than a standard promotional email, 196% increase in click-through rates and an 86% higher open rate.

Automation can be used for a number of campaigns including:

1. new customers

2. maintaining subscribers through engagement

3. communicating to current subscribers or customers to ensure you retain them.

2. Write a very appealing subject line

Be straightforward, let the subscriber or customer know exactly what the email is about. The more transparent you are the better, this will lead to loyal customers, who will continue to open your emails in the future. Keep the subject line short. According to a study done by Retention Science, the optimum length of a subject line is six to ten words. Retention Science found that a whopping 21% of people opened emails with a subject line in this range.

3. Personalize all your emails

Customers are sick of talking to robots and being called a number at the DMV. Customers today want personalized service and this is easy with email marketing. Not only adding their first name to the email, consider segmenting your emails to personalize the product or service for that segment. Most email marketing platforms can help you segment your emails by geography, age, purchase history and click/open history. Adding this personal touch will improve your conversion rates.

4. Who is it from?

Depending on your company will depend on who your email should be from. For our client Nick Bush the Realtor, we use his name as he is the image behind the brand. Using his name adds a very personal touch to the email and works well in the real estate industry. A renovation company in Virginia Beach, VA (K.M. Cash Remodeling) uses their business name to present a corporate approach to the emails we send out.

Decide which option is best for your company by answering one question:

Are people more likely to recognize me or the company name?

5. Add a Video

Video in email is one of the best ways to boost your marketing conversions. Videos are intriguing, visual, attractive, captivating and so are very effective. Videos can really communicate your brand with clear and compelling call to actions. We had a video in our Washington D.C. client Nick the Bush Realtor's email and it generated a higher click-through rate then those that did not have video embedded in the email. This worked very well for him as his goal was to increase traffic to his YouTube channel.

6. Always use email marketing to promote your sales or giveaways.

Discounts, offers and giveaways are great ways to get your customers and subscribers to come back and buy from your website. Always use email when there is a promotion or you will miss out on some easy win sales.

7. Clear call to actions

An email doesn't need to be an essay, it simply needs to state the reason for the communication and why the subscriber should click-through. Clear call to actions should be visual and clear. We use a mix of buttons, images and text to ensure that the user knows exactly what the next step is.

8. Short and Sweet

Again no essay here, just get straight to the point, make the text compelling and with clear call to actions. If you have a lot to say place the rest of the content on your website and link it from the email. Make it compelling, so your subscribers want to read more.

9. A/B Testing

This is so important to see what is working and what is not. You need to test out different approaches using a variety of text, images, videos and call to actions to see what is going to give you the best result. Every company is different and everyone's lead lists are different. Make sure you are optimizing the lead lists by communicating the most compelling content out to them.

10. Experiment with emojis

You will start noticing emojis in emails as it is quite new. Test it out and see if it works with your list. When inserting an emoji in the subject line - does it generate more open rates for your business??

Good luck!

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