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5 Ways to prepare your business for covid-19

The Coronavirus is currently affecting businesses of all sizes all over the world, especially small businesses. Fewer people are traveling, going in-store and events are being cancelled everywhere. Norfolk's Governor Ralph Northam recently announced his support to follow the requirements laid out by CDC and the Federal government, thus we are all now social distancing and trying to self isolate as best we can. So where does that leave us...there are steps you can take to improve and expand your digital presence that may help mitigate the fallout in this challenging time. Here are the 5 steps we recommend:

1. Prepare for more online transactions

  • Since physical visits to stores and business locations may decline, a strong eCommerce solution provides an additional source of revenue.

  • We can create an omni-channel eCommerce presence with an online store customers can access through your website, Facebook page and more.


  • Display messaging on your homepage about any service changes. We have recently created this content for our client Katie's Kickers. We built a 'news and updates' section on their website and added an alert pop up when users visit Katie's Kickers homepage.

  • Add features for scheduling (or rescheduling) in-person appointments.

  • Add online payment and online transaction capabilities to existing website pages.

3. Create more digital content

Since you may not see your customers in-person as much, it's important to remind them that you're still around and ready for their business. We can create a variety of materials that will keep you top of mind with your customers including:

  • Blog posts

  • Create new videos

  • Newsletters

  • Webinars

  • Refresh your website with new content and optimize it for SEO

  • Update your email marketing pieces and review your strategy for converting customers

4. Engage more on Social Media

During an ongoing event like Coronavirus, social media is one of your best tools for keeping your customers updated with the latest news from your small business in Norfolk, VA and surrounding areas.

Through social media monitoring you may also pick up on unique opportunities your business has to accommodate your customers' needs during this challenging time.

5. Consider Larger Projects

If you've recently thought about large scale changes to your website or your business processes now is the time to start reviewing, researching, assessing and implementing them.

Now is the time to take a deep dive into your business and see how you can grow over the next 5 years. This way when customers are ready to return, your business strategy is stronger than ever and your online presence is fresh and ready to convert more customers.

Key project ideas:

  • Update your business plan

  • Identify your future vision, goals and objectives

  • Complete a competitive analysis

  • Website redesign

  • Implement online store

  • SEO improvements

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Security, Accessibility & Privacy

  • Ask for more reviews

Let us know how we can help you take advantage of this time. Stay safe and healthy and if we can assist you and your business contact us today.

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