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Website Home Page Content Overload

"I have too much content on my website"

Now that more and more people are turning to mobile to visit websites, send out enquiries, book hotels, buy random things on Amazon and just spend time searching and reading interesting things online, websites now need to change the way that they communicate.

Home page content and layout has changed quite significantly in the last 5 years due to responsive websites and increased mobile use. We are now seeing websites that are solely mobile optimized and therefore when viewing these mobile sites on a desktop it is simply one page of content. This is great for certain businesses, but for those businesses who have a lot of content to communicate out, it doesn't work.

If your home page has too much scrolling, too much text, too many images it will cause content overload and turn visitors away from your site, increasing your bounce rate. In a fast passed society where everyone loves to search 10 different things at the same time this is not what you want them to do. You want visitors to enjoy your site, to find the content easily and to not feel overburdened with content.

Here are my tips for a home page that will minimize information overload:

1. Only put on your home page the most important thing - what do you do? What do you want your visitors to do?

For example, if I had a mortgage company in Norfolk, VA I would want my visitors to see my interest rate, my experiences and to get in contact. Therefore, these three things will be on the home page. Everything else can be on other pages or subpages.

2. Break up your sections on your home page using color, fonts, text, icons, illustrations and images. There is a reason why Instagram and Pinterest are so popular at the moment. People love images, people don't want to sit and read through pages and pages of content.

3. Consider the color wheel. Are my colors blending or do they contrast and overwhelm the visitor?

4. Optimize your top navigation. Make sure that your tabs are for the most popular content (e.g. your products or your services) and ensure one is a call to action button (e.g. buy now, contact). Do not waste a tab by using one as 'Home', just make your logo click to your home page.

5. Use call to actions buttons on the home page. Make sure these buttons stand out.

6. Use the footer for your contact form. The website is there to get conversions, so make the contact form prominent.

7. If you have a search tab, make sure it works and the words being searched are tracked in Google Analytics. This is great data to have as it allows you to understand what people want to find, but can't seem to find it. If you start noticing a certain keyword pop up all the time in the data results, you will need to review that content and possibly make it prominent on the home page.

Companies that do it well:

Oberweis Dairy: Their home page has successfully used brand colors well between each section. They only have three main navigational tabs which present a seamless website. Their home page showcases their two main products, with stand out call to action buttons. Oberweis has optimized their footer space with an action to sign up to news and links to their social media.

Slate Real Estate - Home page is simple, slick, easy to navigate. Uses 5 navigation tabs that highlight their top products and services

Red Balloon - Gift voucher focused. They have a search tab, similar to that directs visitors to the products that they search. Red Balloon also has a variety of call to actions and buy now button.

Apple - seamless home page, great use of color and they break up the home page using products. Nice balance between product information and images.

Westpac Banking - This home page is a great example of a company with many products, but can still present a very slick, simple and easy to navigate website. They focus on two main products - personal and business while also ensuring there main tools are accessible on the home page (e.g. interest rates, exchange rates, calculators, login and contact form).

Fisher Custom Homes VA - A contact form, introductory video and featured homes that they are selling. Their navigation has drop down menus to provide a place to access all their content. It is another example of a company that has a lot to say but keeps it simple and easy to navigate. Additionally, their contact number is prominent on the header.

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